Post-Purchase Counseling

Keeping My Home

Now you have your house----- What's next?

We can help you figure out how to keep and maintain your home. You may need assistance revising your budget to accommodate new burdens or unanticipated expenses. Home maintenance and general upkeep is critical to protecting your investment.

We can help advise you on rehabilitation opportunities with low-interest rehab loans for qualifying households.

Let our homeownership advisors help you:

  • Keep an upper hand on your finances
  • Steer clear of foreclosure traps and pitfalls
  • Attend to the needs and requirements of your home and property.

If you own your home and need help, New Level Community Development Corp. can be a resource for you.

Steps to schedule an appointment:

  1. 1. Download our intake form
  2. 2. Fill out the form and email to, or fax to 615-742-9090 before registering
  3. 3. Call (615) 627-0347 to Schedule an Appointment

Success Story

The confidence Janice gained from reaching her savings goal combined our financial education helped her believe in herself allowing the very thought of new dreams.

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