Meet the New Level CDC Team!

Kay Bowers

Kay Bowers
Executive Director
Housing Development
Nonprofit management
Advocacy, Policy,


Kay Bowers, Executive Director, has over 20 years of executive experience with affordable housing organizations. Kay’s passion and belief in “home” as the foundation people must have to thrive and succeed in life drives her work. Her experience includes executive leadership with nonprofit housing organizations, state and national housing leadership, in-fill housing and subdivision development,  asset management and housing education programs. 

Brian Sexton

Brian Sexton
Community Development
Fundraising, Donations


Brian Sexton, Community Engagement Specialist, has over 10 years of experience in the housing and city planning arena. Brian's background, combined with his passion for the correlations between housing and  children's ability to achieve, drive his work.

Lisa McIntyre


Lisa McIntyre, Housing Services Specialist, is a certified HUD Housing Counselor with over 18 years of experience in nonprofit management and program development in the housing industry including financial consulting and homebuyer education. Her experience includes leading the City of Franklin Housing Commission.

Her passion is in supporting individuals and families to reach their financial goals, purchase their first home, and build wealth.

Emma McKinnon

Emma McKinnon
Executive Assistant
Housing Resources

Emma McKinnon, Administrative Assistant, worked for over 30 years as an executive assistant to senior and CEO level executives in the financial services and insurance industries in New York before she moved to Nashville. Emma’s’ knowledge and years of experience in the business world are valuable assets to our organization. Emma's passion is helping people find resources for housing. ssistance.

Gloria Hausser

Gloria Hausser
Finance Manager, Community Development, Programs,
nonprofit management

Gloria Hausser, Finance Manager, has over 20 years of commercial lending/finance, training, consulting, and non-profit management experience. Gloria’s joy is helping organizations succeed and grow. She loves finding solutions to challenging situations, and helping leadership to see greater horizons. Her expertise in financial solutions contributes to New Level CDC’s success.