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You can be the reason more people have a place to call home!

Our Vision


New Level CDC believes in a world where everyone has a decent, affordable place to call home in a community where all can thrive.


Our model, “housing plus community,” leads to housing success and stability in families, strengthening our neighborhoods and communities. 

We put community in how we do housing by building, renting, educating and supporting people to secure a fit, safe and affordable place to call HOME. 

We believe that when people feel others care about them they can accomplish more and the whole community benefits.

Our affordable rental housing program goes the extra mile by 

connecting tenants to community programs that provide tools to 

economic stability and paths to prosperity. 

We are building brand new homes for sale which are affordable for low

 to moderate income buyers with support from our partners. 

To find out more, check out our Homes for Sale page. 

If you are just beginning your home buying process  or if you 

are ready to close on a home soon, we provide the required First-time 

Homebuyer  education and certificate of completion.  

New Level CDC is here for YOU!

more ways to give!

For more ways to give, please contact Brian Sexton at bsexton@nlcdc.com

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Sponsorships are availble!

For information about how your organization can help provide safe, fit and affordable housing, please download this Sponsorship file.

New Level CDC Sponsorship Form (pdf)

In-person or online courses available!

Are you ready for homeownership?

The next First-time Homebuyer Workshop is Saturday, Nov. 9  Completion of the Homebuyer Workshop is required for down payment assistance from THDA, USDA-RD, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The Housing Fund, and other mortgage loans available in Tennessee.


New Level CDC offers an online course to help you get a handle on your finances.


News/Press Releases

Kay Bowers announces retirement plans.

local housing resources

Local Housing Resources

Our partner, Open Table Nashville, has developed a comprehensive list of all things housing . Find this valuable list here:  http://www.wttin.org/resources 

One of the first resources for help with your rent or utilities is the Metro Social Services Office. Call first for an appointment - 615-862-6400.

Assistance for rent: Needlink: 615-269-6835.

Ladies of Charity: 615-327-3430.

ROOFTOPS: 615-815-9012

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New Level CDC advocates for the low-to-moderate income community by working with legislators, other non-profits, and private developers to create more affordable homes in Nashville.

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